19 January 2013

New Website and Blog!

Hi Friends,

I have a new website and blog!  This blog will be discontinued/taken down before March.  The new website address is www.cmbysarah.com and you can access the blog from there.  Go check out my specials!  Thank you.

09 October 2012

Holiday Specials

Hello Friends,

Been away for a while because I have been really sick.  We are expecting our second child April 1st, 2013!  I am really excited, but had difficulties this time round managing the first trimester woes.  Alas, I am feeling better and back to work full time- just in time for the holidays!

If you follow me on facebook (facebook.com/cmbysarah) you already know that my October is full.  I know many of you aren't thinking about Christmas cards yet, but you should.  In order to get that family session done and your cards designed we really should have you scheduled in the first half of November.  Great news, I have 3 sessions available in November still!  Please contact me if you are looking for those Christmas family portraits- info@captured-memories-by-sarah.com

Now, onto my really fun special: Boudoir portraits!  I know many people think, "oh I could never do that" or "I still need to lose a few pounds".  I can confidently say that all my clients leave their sessions with smiles on their faces saying how much FUN they had!  When I show their previews and final print products, my clients always make comments about how great they look.  Remember, I am a professional and I am trained to make you look good.  Besides, what a fun evening of pampering you will have!

Here is what one woman wrote to me:
"My Boudoir session with Sarah was so much fun!! She told me exactly what I needed to bring, greeted me with a glass of wine, helped me pick out what to wear for which shots, and guided me through everything step by step (I have never done anything like this before). I love the way my pictures turned out! And I think my husband will love them too!! Thanks Sarah! ~ NH"

All my boudoir sessions are 2 hours in length and include some wine and treats.  We start with a pre-session make-up and clothing consult. Basically I help you with the make-up and we discuss your session options.  We take time to chat before we start.  Then we ease into the session by doing plenty of portraits FULLY clothed!  You may be surprised by how sexy these images can be; you don't have to be naked to be sexy and beautiful! 

CM Boudoir is all about celebrating a woman's natural beauty and spirit.  Women are strong and beautiful creatures, why shouldn't that be celebrated?  What a better way to celebrate that than with your husband or significant other? 

So, with all that said check out the information below and contact me to schedule your boudoir session today!  I only have a limited number of session slots available, so don't wait.  Sessions must be held before November 30th in order to have your products back in time for Christmas.

****Please note, your privacy is a top priority for me.  The women pictured here and on my website have given their written permission for me to use their images for promotion.  I will never use your images in a public manner.  All my client viewing galleries are anonymous and password protected.****

01 August 2012

DIY Ottoman and Chandelier!

I've been feeling super crafty the last few weeks.  Im sure its because I have been so stressed lately over doctors appointments with my son; sometimes I just need a creative outlet to relax.  So I found some pictures on pinterest of items and sat down with my amazing father in law.  He helped me figure out how to do some of these things.  He is so helpful when I come to him with crazy prop ideas saying, "can you cut some wood pieces for me???".  I think he was ready for my hubby to take some of the burden of my crafty mind, so he bought us a super sweet handheld saw thing (so technical, I know).  So, I decided I would take some photographs as I went and share with all you lovely people how to make some fun seats and other props.  Enjoy!DIY photo prop

DIY photo props support systemYou will need to cut some wood supports for your crates and buckets.  We traced the tops of each onto wood and cut.  Then we got a 1" x 2" board and cut "legs".  The baskets aren't strong enough to hold the weight of a person, hence the need for legs.  If you aren't going to sit on it you could skip the legs.  We added little blocks around the edges so the tops wouldn't slide off the drink tubs.  Then, because they are sturdier, we only added one leg.  NOTE: on the oblong white drink bucket make sure you consider the handle hardware when attaching the little block stoppers. The first time we attached our blocks we didn't take that into consideration and it didn't fit because the hardware was in the way :/  We also forgot to calculate the narrowing of the bucket and had to reposition the block in toward the center.  Don't forget to pre-drill your holes!!

DIY photo props suppliesYou will need to buy paint for the legs of the crates/baskets because you can see the wood through the holes.  I just spent $0.57 per bottle of blue acrylic (multi surface) craft paint sold at walmart.  The small pink bottle is spray paint sold in any craft store (or walmart) for a few bucks.  I also got these foam things (top left photo) that screw right onto the little blue paint bottles... makes painting a breeze.  You will also need to purchase some sort of padding for your seats.  I chose a large 1" thick roll that would work for all my seats.  However, they do sell these in small rectangles that would be perfect for just 2 crates. This can be purchased anywhere that sells fabric (I bought mine at walmart because hobby lobby is closed sundays).

You can see the painted tops here and how everything fits together nicely.   It should all slide right in.  NOTE:  On the drink tubs, be sure its not too snug at this point.  You will be adding fabric and if its too snug (due to the block stoppers) than the top wont stay put down in the tub. 

DIY photo props upholstering

Next step:  Buy some pretty fabric!  Any kind of fabric will do.  I prefer duck cloth myself, because its super sturdy and the staples won't tear it.  However, cotton works just fine too.  I bought several 3/4 yard cuts for my crates and circle tub.  The whit one needed just over so I bought a 7/8 yard for that.  You will have leftover fabric (yay, use it for other crafts!!!)
I used a staple gun (high power to cut through solid wood, less so if using particle board).  It doesn't have to look pretty underneath so long as it is tight on top :)

DIY photo props

 Here are the finished crates
DIY photo props
 Closer shot of the finished crates.  You can see the finished tubs at the top :)

DIY Chandelier

The last project on here is a DIY Chandelier!  These sell for nearly $75, but I made this for just $20!!!  I bought TWO decorative metal things at Hobby Lobby at 50% off.  Not sure what to call these things.  They just go on the wall and really serve no purpose... hooks or sconces??  Anyway, you could decorate them with whatever you want.  Check out the bridal section for beads and pretty crystals.  All the bridal stuff was also 50% off so I picked up these pearl garlands (pre-threaded onto metal wire).  You could also buy a bag of cheap pearls and cheap wire and do it yourself :)  I like that it was on wire because it was much easier to secure the beads!  I used plain wire and pliers (as pictured) to connect the two metal hook things together (back to back).  Then I decorated with pearls.  I will probably go out and buy a small chain for hanging this up as a photo prop.  You could always spray paint the metal too for a unique and colorful decoration!

Senior Profile: Miranda

Meet Miranda:
senior pictures
My absolute favorite!

A few months back I had the pleasure of photographing a group of 7 upcoming 2013 seniors.  They were so much fun to work with. This is Miranda.  She is so much fun and so very mature!  Miranda is the oldest of 5 and currently home schooled.  She is very fashionable and loves her TOMS!  Enjoy her video interview :)

senior portraits waterloo
Isn't she beautiful!?!

railroad senior pictures
Miranda posing on the railroad tracks for me.

iowa senior portraits
Miranda and Adam watching the eclipse

20 July 2012

Senior Profile: Emily

Emily is such a sweet heart!  I just love her answer to the question "what are your plans after high school."  You will have to watch the video and find out :)  Enjoy the video and this adorable 2013 senior!

Here is how she answered the written interview:

Hobbies and activities: Basketball, volleyball, dirt bike riding, rock climbing, hiking, and photography
Describe yourself: Im a little shy at first, but when you get to know me Im pretty loud and crazy
Describe your style in 3 words: Country, carefree, adventurous
Favorite Color: Purple
Favorite Magazine: World or Country Woman :)

*Please note that it was a ridiculously windy day out and I tried my best with the audio.  I understand that there are a few difficult spots to understand and I subtitled in a few places.